Morwell Neighbourhood House

Morwell Neighbourhood House


Community services


The People’s Place
We deliver programs that address food security issues.

We provide programs that reduce social isolation and enhance well being.

We develop activities that prevent sickness and distress.

We provide support services for people experiencing hardship.

We partner with organisations, community groups, government departments and philanthropic bodies to share and activate resources in order to grow, replicate, or introduce programs for the community.
Our work places emphasises people’s self-determination and strengths.

We work from the presumption that our participants, service users and community are resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity.

We are community owned and community managed.
We operate on the Community Development model of practice; we take a strengths and asset based approach to all of our work.

We support individuals to grow, bring people together and develop our community’s capacity to identify and find solutions for local issues.

We focus our energies on supporting our community to be a stronger and a better place to live in.
Our program and services are developed in response to the needs of the community.

The program changes each term and reflects services, supports, workshops and social spaces our community have suggested.