Keep on going.

Lockdown fatigue is a thing. Who would have guessed?

A short, sharp “circuit-breaker” lockdown, announced four days ago, with one day left – we’re trying not to check the number of cases and exposure sites to guess if the lockdown will be extended. Trying.

What if? What if casual-job pay is under threat, long term, again? What if we have to deal with home learning for months, again? Gah, it doesn’t pay to think these dark thoughts. We humans do it because it has benefited our species to have an approximate idea about our short-term futures. That’s why we’re prompted to panic-buy. That’s why we can be driven to become almost pathological hoarders (🙋‍♀️). Just in case.

Can we survive this, again?

Absolutely. But beware the things that can steal the joy that drives our motivation to keep on going. Our connections with other women, with people, give us the strength to feel better on a daily basis. Seek out the interactions that allow the feeling that “I’m not alone”, however that works best; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, email… or even eye contact with the person checking groceries or handing over the week’s mail. These microconnections are useful for a little neurochemical ‘lift’ of the spirit. The deeper connections are sometimes harder to find, especially if the home environment is not a safe or secure one. A hug is worth a lot of emotional warm-fuzzy feel-goods – if it is a safe, and welcomed hug. Don’t knock one back, if it’s being offered by someone in your bubble.

Hugs won’t hang out the washing.

No, and they wont pay the bills either. The point of feeling like ‘we’re all in this together’ is to enable the internal strength to continue. Humans are clever, and given time and need, they will figure out ways to pay bills, solve problems, change the living environment, strengthen a community. Don’t ‘stay at home’ within your social circle – don’t stay ‘away’ emotionally. Don’t assume you’ll just catch up after lockdown. Find the tribe of women you’re comfortable with, and speak to them, often. That’s how we’ll keep on going. ❤️

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