Hello, Feb. 2021!

Hello, Gippsland Women!

We’re already more than one month into 2021. How do you feel? Did someone lift you up to hang onto the clothesline and now you’re wondering how to get down again? Or are you swinging around with glee? Do you have your women supporters pushing you all around, one on each corner for balance, laughing as you go?

2021 planning…

The Gippsland Woman team will be considering some ways in which we can grow the database on our website in the next few months. That way, the original vision of the project can continue. We’ll be seeking out the ways in which Gippsland women are meeting the needs of their communities, and respond by giving them a platform to promote their work. This may be by highlighting their businesses, or by describing the work they do in volunteering or community building, in blog posts. Please tell us about your work!

Incidentally, we’d love to add to the categories that we already have within the database: Women’s Health; Learning Opportunities; Community Services; Community Groups; Health Services; Interest Group; Not-for-profit; Business. What do you think is missing? AND – do you know of women working locally who could use a boost in the digital world? OR – do you know of women who have recently moved to Gippsland and don’t know anyone yet? Please make contact if so.

A Russian Women report-card: Random judgments on a lazy life 😳

Globally, many women are still dealing with the effects of their communities being locked down, with health, with ongoing education, with resources. Interestingly, if you’d like to read something waaaay out of the box, this article (in Russian, but with an English synopsis, or HERE for an English review) describes a kind of ‘report card’ of how women in a Russian study (384 participants, in a 69-question survey) changed their behaviours over time during lockdown. What would our own report card look like, here in Gippsland?!

Siberian Hills-Hoist equivalent: A January Washday!


  1. Fiona van Lochem on February 16, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    Hi all, I’ve tried to add my service to your database but it has not shown up. Patience is a virtue eh, but is there a wait time or has it just not been received? I looked for an email contact however there doesn’t appear to be one, so I’m leaving this comment instead.
    😉 Fiona

    • admin on February 16, 2021 at 8:14 pm

      Hi Fiona! Sorry you’ve had to wait, your entry is approved now and should be visible. Thanks for entering in your business, and if you need to contact GW again, email hello@gippslandwoman.org.au . We’re staffed by volunteers and try to access email and website administration at least once a week, and we’re very sorry your entry slipped past our radar – it’s the last thing we want. You have a beautiful website!

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