2020 – wow?!

Gippsland women:

An empty plate…

How was 2020, and how are you looking at the New Year ahead?

There have been many challenges this year, different for every woman. At first, the metaphor of an ’empty plate’ appealed – the exhaustion from the changes and challenges has used up energy resources like never before. However, that idea springs from a wealth of privilege, when compared with global and local inequity. My plate is definitely not empty even though it feels that way sometimes.

I’m guessing there are many women – in Gippsland too – whose resource plate is very literally empty. Some have given out of their own portion, leaving themselves under-nourished. Globally or locally, this can be about real food and supplies, but it can also be about energy, wholehearted nurturing, selflessness.

Gippsland Woman seeks to join women with resources. It’s a reciprocal thing, because the resources need their own resources too. So it’s actually about women acknowledging that they need each other, sharing what and who they know.

Aira caryophyllea, or ‘silver hair-grass’

When we look at nature, branching is the way that resources are distributed to the endpoint. In the new year, Gippsland Woman will run an audit of ‘who do you know’ so we can keep filling this online directory with women who bring their wealth of resources – products, services, knowledge, skills, caring – to build their communities. We’ll try to work out the branching networks that women who are well-connected have, and share that in this directory with newcomers who have yet to make connections, and those who have lived here for some time but still perhaps feel alone at times.

I hope your summer is a good one.

Bec Vandyk – (Arts & Health Gippsland)

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