Cristy Russell – Empower the Woman

‘Empower the Woman’ has blossomed as I have grown as an educator, support person, facilitator, mother, woman and sacred space holder.  Since giving birth myself and listening to many women’s birthing stories I found myself being drawn back to the significance of birth as a ‘rite of passage’ in a woman’s life.  For me personally, I knew that giving birth was going to be like nothing I had experienced before but I was not prepared for the profound impact it would have on me as a woman.  My body was not only amazing but at the end of this momentous event, I, a new mother was born.  This experience redefined me forever and it thrust me into quite the journey of self-discovery.  It was through this journey that I have been awakened to the power and beauty of women and the reality that ‘we’ as individuals and as a society do not celebrate a woman’s true worth anywhere near enough! ​Unfortunately, it took me to become a mother to really love and connect with the essence of my femininity.

If women learn to embrace and nurture their femininity at all stages in their lives then women will become more connected, experience deeper relationships, hold greater acceptance and compassion, understand their bodies, love themselves and others unconditionally and become more authentic and empowered in all avenues of their lives.​​
I​t was with this understanding that I began offering the women in my community the opportunity to delve deeper into ‘the woman’ and share, grow, connect, learn, teach, listen and give to themselves and each other. From this work, ‘Empower the Woman ‘ was birthed.

As part of my services I am offering and holding space for women by facilitating women’s circles/programs, providing interactive online programs and celebrating a number of significant rituals and ceremonies in a woman’s life cycle. I am also working with women one-on-one to regain their power and heal their menstrual cycle through vaginal steaming.

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