Gippsland Woman is a web portal to connect women across Gippsland with resources, events and community


Sharing stories and making connections for women across Gippsland.

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Review of Untamed, (Glennon Doyle), written by guest writer Dr. Ruth Williams Untamed is a memoir of an unfolding awareness. Author, Glennon Doyle, exposes her experiences of feeling caged through trying to fulfil societal expectations. She explains how over time, the family she grew up in, the culture, the religion, the friends, the class, all…


This International Women’s Day #IWD2021 the media has been full of things that – to be honest – it would be nice to pretend just weren’t happening. I hope that everyone reading this has someone close to them they feel able to share their emotional load with. That emotional load ebbs and flows with daily…

Women and Art

Today a ‘hello’ from me, Bec Vandyk, to acknowledge all the women in Gippsland who make art. I do believe that whoever makes a home, not just a house, often uses creative and artistic energy in this process. So while you might not be “an artist” you may well use artistic energy that gives you…

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Why Gippsland Woman

Over 70,000 women call Gippsland home

Gippsland Woman is for all women in Gippsland.

One stop shop

Gippsland Woman will provide a one stop shop for women to find events, services, groups and places for women across Gippsland.

A map for everyone

Gippsland Woman will help map what is available for women across Gippsland and will be a useful tool when planning events, activities and services to see what is available around the region.

Share, collaborate and support

Gippsland Woman is an opportunity for organisations to share, collaborate and support each other.

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