Gippsland Woman is a web portal to connect women across Gippsland with resources, events and community


Sharing stories and making connections for women across Gippsland.

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2020 – wow?!

Gippsland women: How was 2020, and how are you looking at the New Year ahead? There have been many challenges this year, different for every woman. At first, the metaphor of an ’empty plate’ appealed – the exhaustion from the changes and challenges has used up energy resources like never before. However, that idea springs…

Cristy Russell – Empower the Woman

'Empower the Woman' has blossomed as I have grown as an educator, support person, facilitator, mother, woman and sacred space holder. Since giving birth myself and listening to many women's birthing stories I found myself being drawn back to the significance of birth as a 'rite of passage' in a woman's life.
Steph Thoo

What’s it like to be a Woman in Gippsland? Meet Steph Thoo

I moved to Gippsland in January 2019 after spending years living between our two homes in Warragul and Richmond. I was so excited when I found a fulltime roll in Warragul doing what I love – helping aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.  I’m proud to call Gippsland my home but it’s been a…

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Why Gippsland Woman

Over 70,000 women call Gippsland home

Gippsland Woman is for all women in Gippsland.

One stop shop

Gippsland Woman will provide a one stop shop for women to find events, services, groups and places for women across Gippsland.

A map for everyone

Gippsland Woman will help map what is available for women across Gippsland and will be a useful tool when planning events, activities and services to see what is available around the region.

Share, collaborate and support

Gippsland Woman is an opportunity for organisations to share, collaborate and support each other.

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